Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute


The Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute (OCCI) is a  professional network of Orthodox psychologists, counselors, and marriage and family therapists. It was founded in 2004 by Dr. Ary Christofidis as a referral resource in the Chicago metropolitan area, including Northwest Indiana.  

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As Orthodox therapists, we offer a unique alternative to a purely psychological understanding of human problems. We believe that the fullness of healing can be found through the worship, sacraments, and practices of the Orthodox Christian Church. 

Through psychotherapy we are committed to working with clients to resolve crises, reduce symptoms of common mental health problems, foster new coping and relationship skills, and nurture personal growth using psychological principles within the context of the Orthodox faith. In addition, we are committed to assisting clergy in support of their parishioners.

The members of OCCI also offer seminars, lectures and retreats on a variety of topics that integrate psychology and the faith. They have been featured speakers on the Orthodox Christian Network, Ancient Faith Radio and The Center for Family Care Webinars.



It is our prayer and dream to open a free standing counseling center 

in the future that will offer more services such as 

psychiatry, group therapy, and psychological testing.

OCCI has been supported in the past by grants from the Fr. George Scoulas Memorial Fund and the Novak Family Foundation.


Email address:  counseling@occiservices.org
Please note that all e-mails are screened by Dr. Randa Anderson and forwarded to the appropriate therapist.